Air Tightness Testing is what we do best. We created our business around air tightness testing, then expanded from there. Air tightness testing is required on all new build dwellings with UK building regulations Part L. Air tightness testing will save you, or the future owner, money in the long run. Air tightness testing makes sure there are no unnecessary air leaks in the development. Saying this, all houses need to breathe, but with an Air tightness test, we can make sure this breathing is controlled. Air tightness testing identifies any areas, within the dwellings outer shell, where warm air can escape and cold air can get in.

With an air tightness test, you can ensure your new build is using its energy to heat the house as efficiently as possible. The more air tight the property is, the better the house will hold its heat, meaning lower energy bills because the heating won’t be required anywhere near as much. Air tightness testing also makes houses more environmentally friendly as well a cheaper to run. Sine Air tightness tests have been required, house now waste much less energy heating a very poorly sealed house.

Which all proves Air Tightness Testing saves you money on your energy bills.