So today we have been back to Essex again. We have tested a large block of flats in Braintree, Essex. These flats have been built and highly executed by a local high end property developer, building multiple developments at once. Of course this means they all need Air Leakage testing, so as expected, we are more than happy to help.

Braintree isn’t local work for us, but this never stops us, when an Air Leakage Test is needed, we make it our priority to get it done. Not matter how early the start may be. Our main Air test engineer loves an early start, taking the long drives in his stride. The job in general takes dedication, self build projects are luxury work, working on big developments can be very physical, carrying a large fan up flights of stairs and room too room, sometimes up to 30 times a day. But again, our air test engineers love a challenge and are always up for the task.

Even when a job is very physical, we do our best to carry out Air Leakage Tests to the highest quality possible. We approach all of our tests from a builder point of view. If we come across issues along the way, we try our best to work with the builder to get them resolved whilst on site. Air Leakage Testing is now a very important part of property development, usually the last job before completion. Meaning everyone need it done as soon as possible. Which is why we try to get any problems fixed with you on site, rather than leaving you too it and coming back another time. We know how important/expensive time is, and we have the same end goal as you.

We work with the client in mind, trying to get the all important Air Leakage Testing out of the way and passed. Air Leakage Testing can be very complicated and time consuming when carried out by the wrong individuals. Which is why we pride ourselves with over 10 years of Air Leakage Testing experience and knowledge.