Today we travelled to Boston, Lincolnshire to carry out a few Air Tightness Tests. Lincolnshire is based just north or Norfolk. We had quite a few properties to Air Tightness Testing Lincolnshire, so we went with two Air Tightness Testers with two lots of RETROTEC Air Tightness Testing equipment. All recently calibrated by BSRIA to ensure we can Air Tightness Test to the highest level, always producing accurate results. Here at Anglia Air Testing, all of our test engineers are ATTMA registered, meaning our test certificates, produced by ATTMA are almost guaranteed to be accepted by building control every time. Where as non ATTMA registered testers are becoming more and more likely to have their certificates rejected by building control.

When Air Testing Lincolnshire, we always have high expectations when it comes to the developments we are testing. As a rule of thumb, they have always performed very well. Which makes our job a little bit easier. Air Tightness Testing Lincolnshire isn’t a local job for us, but this doesn’t stop us wanting to carry out more Air Tightness Testing Lincolnshire. Last time we Air Tightness Testing Lincolnshire, we had a very smooth running test, and this was very much the same situation on our recent visit to Lincolnshire.

This time we had a few self build properties to Air Leakage test. So we arrived on site, got our equipment inside the building, carried out our pre-test checks, basically making sure the building has some sort of chance at achieving the desire air permeability target. Then when we are happy all major issues are solved, we start setting up. First we set up our RETROTEC Air Tightness Testing equipment in the front door. Then before running the test, we carried out our pre-test temporary sealing. This included closing and sealing all of the trickle vents above the windows, then switching off the extractor fans in the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets then sealing over them. We double checked there was water in all of the traps, closed all external windows and doors. Then on our way back to the equipment in the front door, we wedged all internal doors open. This allows continuous air flow through the building.

Now we had all of our prep work done, we could carry out the Air Tightness Testing. We ran the test and everything went well. There were a few small leaks, now identified to the client, but nothing that prevented the property in Boston from Failing its Air Leakage Test. So we proceeded with the test, took down our readings and generated the report and final result. We then issued the client with their official ATTMA lodged pass certificate within 24 hours of completing the test.

We had a very efficient day Air Tightness Testing Lincolnshire, everything went very smoothly and achieved the desired Air Permeability Target. We are always looking for new developers to work with as well as picking up as many self build properties along the way. If you have any questions or would like a quote, give us a call on 01842 878329 or email us at

Air Leakage Testing is what we do best.

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