Anglia Air Testing have been Air Pressure Testing Colchester for over 10 years. We cover all of Essex, providing Air Tightness Testing, MVHR Commissioning, Ventilation Testing as well as SAP Calculations and EPC’s. On our most recent visit to Essex, we were asked to Air Leakage Test a property built prior to Air Tightness Testing requirement. Meaning when the house was build, Air Testing wasn’t yet required.

The client mentioned high energy bills and cold draughts in the winter. On older houses, this is a common signs of a very leaky house. We are called out for this type of job more and more often. The client will usually take note of all of the areas leaking before getting them rectified.

This time, the Air Leakage Testing was in Colchester, Essex. The house had been built to a high specification at the time, but was quickly falling behind. Air Leakage Testing is a very easy way to show the client how they can reduce their energy bills, which also reduces their carbon footprint.

The test went as expected, for the size of the house, there was plenty of air leakage. Much more than there really should have been. Most of the problematic areas could be filled with expandable foam or mastic, making the fix simple and cheap.

We carry our Air leakage Testing Essex with great pride. We ave been Air Testing Essex for many years now, we like to think we have built up a strong reputation within the area. We confidently say you will not find an Air Tightness Testing Service better than ours. We approach every Air Tightness Testing from your point of view, making the process and efficient and hassle free from beginning to end.

We are always looking for new clients in Essex or any of East Anglia. If you have any further questions, or would like to book and Air Leakage Test, give us a call on 01842 878329 or email us at

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