SAP Calculations & EPCs

What Anglia Air Testing can offer

We are now able to produce SAP calculations in house . All new build dwellings require a SAP calculation to comply with Part L of building regulations.

Using our SAP software, we are able to offer support / guidance on recommended upgrades to improve the overall efficiency of your dwelling, along with U-Value calculations etc.

For all new dwellings, we are able to offer a single package / price to cover your design stage SAP, Air Leakage Testing & Certification, As-Built SAP & your final completions EPC.

Who needs SAP calculations?

All new dwellings now required SAP calculations. Conversions of existing dwellings also require a SAP, but with slightly different regulations, depending on individual circumstances.

Throughout the build, you will require two sets of SAP calculations. The first is required at building regulations submission, just before works on site commence, this is known as a ‘Design SAP.‘ The second is required for final building regulation sign off at the end of the build. This assessment ensures the dwelling was constructed inline with the original specification. If alteration were made, these then need to be declared and updates will be made to the final SAP. This is known as an ‘As-Built SAP.

What information do we need from you? 

To complete a compliant SAP, we will need as much detail from you as possible. For example, we will need detailed architects drawings (floor plans, sections & elevations), a full construction specification & then clarification for any construction details not specified on the specification.

Further details of these requirements will of course be provided once the process has begun. The more detail we can gather from you initially, the easier the process will be from then on.

Building Regulations for SAP Calculations

Why are SAPs & EPCs required?  

SAP Calculations were introduced to calculate & measure the overall efficiency of any new dwelling. These figures can then be monitored & regulated to ensure all new dwellings are achieving at least the minimum requirements stipulated by the building regulations.

As with SAP calculations, EPCs are now legally required on any dwelling, new or existing, being sold in the UK. A new-build properties first EPC is produced from the ‘As-Built’ SAP calculations.

An ‘As-Built’ SAP & EPC are both required by building control, along with a host of other certificates, before they can issue their final sign off / completion. The Building Control Officer will then assess the SAP & EPC to make sure they are inline with current building regulation requirements.

Need a quotation or further information?

If you have any additional queries or would like us to provide you with a quotation, please get it contact.