Huntingdon is a market town located in Cambridgeshire. Huntingdon is a stunning place to go Air Testing. On our recent visit to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, we had a timber-frame new build to Air Tightness Test. The build was a self build designed and built with the highest quality materials. This then gave the property a higher Design Air Permeability Rating (Target for the Air Testing) meaning a large amount of air leakage was acceptable. Due to the quality products used and high target, the property sailed through the test.

Prior to the Air Leakage Testing Huntingdon commencing, we covered all of our temporary sealing, in this case included Extractor Fans, Trickle Vents, the Chimney and the Cooker Hood Extractor. These are all allowed to be temporarily sealed while the Air leakage Testing is taking place. We then set up the equipment, and commence with the Air Leakage Testing procedure.

Once the test was complete, and passed in this case, we issued the client with an advice note on site. This is basically a temporary note to say we have carried out the Air Testing as well as suggesting the result and a pass or fail outcome. Once we then get the test files back to the office, we lodge them through the ATTMA Lodgement Portal. ATTMA are the governing body of Air Tightness Testing. Through this site, we are then able to issue the client with their office Air Test certificate via email.

The Air Tightness Testing Huntingdon was a perfect scenario. This is happening more and more in the modern construction industry as houses become more energy efficient and are being built to higher specifications.

We are always trying to branch out and find new client in Huntingdon. We cover all of East Anglia and more.

If you would like a quotation, or have any further questions regarding Air Leakage Testing in Huntingdon or any of East Anglia, please get in touch.

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