MVHR Commissioning

Why is MVHR commissioning required? 

Where mechanical ventilation systems are fitted, Part F of the Building regulations requires that they are manually balanced and commissioned in accordance with the system design with a certificate provided to building control prior to completion.

Consequences of a non-balanced system?

If your MVHR system is not correctly balanced, the performance and efficiency will be adversely affected, causing issues like condensation problems or the machine will show mechanical signs of wear quicker than it should do etc, causing the system to be much more expensive to run.

These issues can all be avoided by following correct commissioning procedures.

Need to book commissioning?

As the air leakage rate of the building should be considered when balancing an MVHR system, these two tests can be, and usually are, carried out side by side. MVHR Commissioning is priced individually depending on complexity of the property. Once we know a little more about the project, and what is required, we can then provide you with a quote.

If the air tightness test & MVHR commissioning are completed at the same time, discounted rates will be applied.