Ventilation testing & commissioning

Part F compliant testing & commissioning

A background on ventilation

Ventilation is an essential, often overlooked, element of a new build property. With air tightness levels increasing, natural air flow rates are now much lower, meaning mechanical ventilation is required to pick up the slack. Poor ventilation in a new property can lead to lots of potential issues like mould, damp, excessive condensation etc, which is why it is essential ventilation rates are validated to minimise the risk of these issues occurring.

Here at Anglia Air Testing, we are fully BPEC certified engineers. This allows us to inspect & commission ventilation systems in accordance with Part F of the Building Regulations. These regulations were introduced in 2010 to ensure all ventilation systems provide sufficient flow rates for modern construction methods.

Once the building is nearing completion, your building inspector may request a ventilation report before they issue your completion certificate. Certified testers, like ourselves, are then required to come and verify your extractor flow rates & confirm if they are up to building regulation standards.

How ventilation testing works

Using our Testo Anemometers, we can verify the actual air flow measurements for all the extractor fans within a building.

Each room type has different requirements. For example, Kitchens and utility rooms extractors should extract at a rate of 30l/s, bathrooms & en-suites require 15 l/s and cloakrooms / WC ‘s require 6 l/s.

Our equipment & engineers can complete these tests on most forms of domestic ventilation, ranging from intermittent extractors fans to MVHR Systems.

If you need an air leakage test as well as ventilation testing we can carry out both on the same visit and offer a discounted rate. For more information or to book a ventilation test, please don’t hesitate to contact us.