SAP Calculations are a relatively new regulation required by building control. To sum SAP calculations up briefly, they are a set of report used to calculate the expected efficiency and running costs of a new dwelling. With these calculations, the desired Air Permeability target can be determined for your Air Leakage Test. So SAP calculations are required in order to pass or fair every Air Tightness Test carried out.

SAP stands for Standard Assessments Procedure. It is the only government approved system for assessing the energy rating for a new build development. SAP assessors must be accredited with a certification body. A SAP assessment rating is a way to compare energy efficiency levels of different homes. The higher the SAP rating, the lower the expected running costs/emissions. SAP calculations are in place to save money and the environment in thee long run.

Within your SAP calculations, you will receive a copy of your EPC. EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. An energy performance certificate (EPC) is a guide potential buyers/tenants receive when viewing a property. EPC’s, like SAP Calculations, show how efficiently a home uses energy, the cost of running the house and then potential improvements to make the development more efficient.

An EPC will usually be provided with SAP calculations as they are a legal requirement whenever a development is put up for sale.

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