Due to the ever growing population in London, there is a constant requirement for new development. This then obviously means there is a constant requirement for Air Tightness Testing London. Air Tightness Testing London is something which is not going to be dying down any time soon, which is why we are pushing ourselves deeper and deeper into the London development circle. Air Leakage Testing has been a requirement on domestic new builds for over 10 years now, and even though houses are getting more and more air tight, this doesn’t mean more houses are passing their Air Leakage testing. This is because as houses get more Air tight, meaning less Air Leakage, targets come down as well, meaning a house that passed an air test five years ago, probably wouldn’t pass an air test of today’s standards.

So as the standards are getting higher and higher, there is much less room for error when it comes to property development. As London is always in the spotlight for new development, we feel this also puts our Air Leakage Testing in the spot light as well. We aim to provide the highest level of professionalism when carrying out all of our Air Leakage Testing, especially when Air Tightness Testing London. Air Tightness Testing London is here to stay, so like I mentioned earlier, we will keep expanding further and further into the London property world.

Air Tightness Testing London is now another great location to add to our large collection of locations we currently provide Air Leakage Testing for.

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