Bury St Edmunds was one of our first locations visited after the Christmas break. We visited Bury St Edmunds to conduct several Air Tightness Tests. We have been Air Testing Bury St Edmunds for many years now, on this occasion we also provided Ventilation Testing for Part F. Ventilation Testing is just as important as Air Testing. It is officially a requirement on all new builds, as is Air Leakage Testing. When we carry out an Air Tightness Test in conjunction with Ventilation Testing, we offer massive discounts on the price per fan.

In Bury St Edmunds, we tested one semi detached house, built by one of our regular clients. We do a lot of Air Testing in Bury St Edmunds for this client. When we first started Air Leakage Testing for them, we had to spend a little bit of time running over a few things with them, explaining what needs to be done to pass an Air Tightness Test. Now, they have perfected the Art and we can turn up, put the Fan in the door, carry out the Air Tightness Testing and pass the house.

We try to do this with all of our clients, spending time with them at the beginning, running over the do’s and don’t’s of Air leakage Testing, hopefully making the Testing procedure much smoother.

We are always looking to branch out into new locations, take on new clients and push ourselves further. If you are interested in a quote, or would like some further information, please get in contact.

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