One of our most recent Air Leakage Testing ventures was in Ipswich, Suffolk. We do lots of Air Tightness Testing in Suffolk, including Ipswich. Any air tests in the country of Suffolk, we class as very local. Air Leakage Testing Suffolk is an area we look forward to Air Testing. We have been Air Leakage Testing Suffolk for over 10 years now with thousands of successful tested buildings. We have found buildings in Ipswich, Suffolk are build to a very high quality / specification. The design air permeability, as stated on the SAP Calculations, is usually very achievable, this is due to the quality / energy efficient products used to build the development.

Anglia Air Testing are always looking for new clients in Suffolk to provide Air Leakage Testing for. As previously mentioned, we have over 10 years experience Air Leakage Testing, making us one of the longest standing domestic Air Testing companies in he country. We are confident in saying you will not find a service better than ours. We always approach the job from a builders point of view, providing certification within 24 hours of the Air Leakage Test being complete.

If you have any further questions regarding Air Leakage Testing, please get in touch. Following this, if you would like to book an Air Leakage Testing, email on or call us on 01842 878329