With the county of Lincolnshire expanding, development is also on the rise. This looks to be good news for Anglia Air Testing & Air Pressure Testing Lincolnshire. We have many successful Air Tightness Tests to our name in and around Lincolnshire. We have been providing Air Pressure Testing Lincolnshire for over 10 years now. We have Air Leakage Tested everything from small self builds to large developments of semi-detached houses. No Air Tightness Testing job is too big or too small, we price very competitively and provide excellent service from beginning to end. We are confident you won’t find service better than ours.

Our most recent Air Leakage Testing Lincolnshire job was a small development of four semi-detached bungalows. These bungalows in Lincolnshire had been built to almost Passivhaus standard. They weren’t officially registered as Passivhaus which means they still had a regular design air permeability (Air Pressure Test target). This makes Air Leakage Testing the properties very straight forward. The idea of Passivhaus is to create a building with is almost 100% air tight. The air flow within the building is all mechanical using an MVHR system.

These bungalows in Lincolnshire, as expected, passed their Air Leakage Tests with ease. They were so air tight, that if the developer wanted to, they could register these bungalows to be Passivhaus certified.

We are always looking to do more Air Pressure Testing in Lincolnshire, or anywhere else. We cover all of East Anglia & more. If you have any questions regarding Air Tightness Testing, or would like to book an Air Pressure Test, please use our contact page to get in touch.

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